Friday, July 17, 2009

What about creating a sharable archive of data for research?

An interesting goal for IFAC TC Automotive Control could be the creation of a data archive for research. Some of the experimental data that you have already used for research, and that can be considered unclassified and not secret, can be used and re-used for future scientific and educational purposes. Sharing data facilitates research often beyond the scope of the original research, encourages scientific inquiry, avoids duplicate data collection and provides resources for case studies, education and training. This TC could promote the creation of an archive of sharable data for research in automotive control. The data should be fully documented and archived in some common formats on the TC website. Before diffusing this project, some guidelines should be fixed about how to acknowledge and cite data, and how to document and archive them.

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Thank you for your contributions,

Gianfranco Rizzo